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21.09 02:08 - Montego International - transfer agent of Nadero Wealth Management do not return my funds – possible fraud
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Montego International - transfer agent of Nadero Wealth Management do not return my funds – possible fraud


I am sharing my story with Nadero Wealth Management and its “transfer agent”, where so far more than 2 weeks my investment fund has not been returned to me. Big concerns are coming to me that a fraud is going on either from Nadero’s officials or its “transfer agent” Montego International for stealing my money.


Here is the story in short.


I agreed on investment with Nadero for 5545 USD in July and I sent the money to their “transfer agent” - Montego International. At the end of August we agreed the investment to be liquidated and the money to be returned to me

On 4th September my shares have been sold and a repatriation has started on September 7th – it can be seen at my account at Nadero.com.

On September 8th we had a talk with my broker – John (all names are changed) and he confirmed that sending of my capital back has been done and I need 4-5 business days to receive it. On September 9th I had a letter from him repeating that in writing.

By September 14th no refund was available at my side, nor any confirmation for that was given to me and I had lost trust at Nadero’s business and had to make a blog on that case. John called me and assured me that the funds are on the way and need to finish these 4-5 business days (that actually had finished) and I would look like an idiot when they come. He finished the talk by assuring me that the funds would come with at most 2 more days, and that had to be on September 16th. That did not happen.

Then after an angry letter from me, we had a talk with John and he again convinced me that the refund will come by the end of the week which was September 18th Friday.

He also sent me a message from Nadero’s accounts department saying that they have received a message from the transfer agent in question, in which they copy their response from the bank that are dealing with this. The message was stating very clearly that the bank has received the request to accept the recall, they are working on this, and the funds should be returned by the end of the last week.

So as promised from John and confirmed by their transfer agent the funds should have arrived by the end of the last week - which is September 18th Friday.

Well as of today - September 21st - there has been no result.

In all this I am having the great feeling that someone from Nadero’s side – my broker John, their business partners as transfer agents and banks or Nadero as a company is playing with me and my patience or committing a fraud against me.

That is why in an attempt the case to be resolved faster I decided my complain to go public.




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